Concept E-3..."Nature Restored." OUR STORY;
Concept E-3..."Nature Restored."OUR STORY;
My Handyman Self

Handyman/Carpenter for Hire

I am inviting you to follow my facebook page.


I am my dad's family care provider.  So I no longer do the 9-5 stuff.(in my case 24/7 stuff).

so in order to meet new persons and keep my "Green Building Skills Sharp, this is what I do.


ADA Accessibility is my niche for remodeling skills.  This means I am handy with carpentry tools.  As a Carpenter I make a lot of useful things for you.  See my Facebook page for pictures and how to videos.


As a Handyman I fix a lot of broken stuff and I solve a lot of problems.

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As an environmental engineer and project manager, Concept E-3 offers brownfields revitaliztion management.

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