Concept E-3..."Nature Restored." OUR STORY;
Concept E-3..."Nature Restored."OUR STORY;

About Us

Back in 1981 on a beach in California I was having a converstion with a student of Marine Biology.   That day we actually came up a wonderful design for an underwater habitat.  Not like Captain Nemo's because how would you put a glass dome with air under the ocean.  What we came up with was an undersea habitat made of concrete.  Much like a hores and buggy wagon wheel, there is a centrsl hub.  From here the domain spokes out into living, and farming buildings. Today is 2016 and many things have changed in our world due to Human Activity.  Many of these changes are not good.

In 2014 Concept E-3, Ltd. was incorporated with the inten of obtaining 501 (c) 4, social welfare organization status.  Still a non-profit in that no one gets didvidends.  Different than a 501 (c) 3 organization in that we are politically active.

MISSION STATEMENT: Concept E-3, Ltd.  "Nature Restored." Is becoming the one of the Earth's largest and most pro-active membership communities, doing what needs to be done to solve our planets pollution problems.  While addressing some human needs such as "Really affordable housing, access to clean water, better distribution of food resources even if people cannot afford to "buy" food from others. 

Big mission.


Our team is made up  of volunteers, paid staff, and sponsors, and preferred vendors.  Concept E-3 gets it.  We roll up our sleeves and do the work necessary to solve our environmental problems.  


That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers n and sponsors  who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!



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